mind, body & soul.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the best experience possible during your time in Telluride at our premiere health and wellness event. Telluride WOW  is truly unique.

  • Boutique size, we accept a limited number of guests so our team can really focus on each persons unique goals

  • Customized program created by our team for each guest based on their individual needs and goals

  • Designed for long-term results, our in-depth Behavioral Health component creates lasting behavioral changes

  • One-on-one individual sessions

  • Integrated holistic approach combining the best of both Eastern and Western philosophies to treat the whole person, you'll have a fully integrated multidisciplinary team working to help you achieve your goals

  • Naturopathic Medical component to address specific health challenges and treat the underlying causes

Away from all the noise and distractions. Away from the onslaught waves of information. Away from phones, texts, facebook, twitter and instagram.This event is NOT for everyone. This is for those who are ready to get back to the simplicity of life, for those ready to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature, good food, healthy activity and good company.